Provide a comfortable and warm touch to your home with the installation of an interior stair railing

One of the most important elements of the stairs is the handrail. Its main function is to be a security component. It is necessary to be strong and durable to withstand the constant dangers of man. This security is present with a interior stair railing. Handrails also add a designer touch to stairs. There are many types depending on the material., style and shape… you choose according to your tastes and decoration needs. metal handrail, stainless steel, plastic, glass and of course a wooden railing.

For example, wooden stairs give you endless possibilities for interior and exterior decoration. That is why one interior stair railing will give it a classic touch, perfect for decorating your home or the space under the stairs.

This relaxed and classic touch will blend in with your home. It is also visually appealing and very durable.. For a more classic look, you can opt for a more traditional wooden stair railing, creating a beautiful ensemble with handrails and columns. For the most daring who want to go crazy with fixed trunks, we recommend combining wood with other materials on the stairs: like metal, plastic, synthetic resin and glass.

Care that is important for a railing for interior stairs

If your ladder is outside, you need to take into account a variety of considerations that apply to wood handrails. Especially by the influence of the sun, humidity, the wind and the dust, still does not reduce its attractiveness and durability. Wooden handrails must be cleaned regularly so that dust does not damage the material. A varnish and protective coating should also be used to prevent moisture from damaging the interior stair railing. Wooden furniture should be re-coated at least once a year to protect it., but first the previous year's paint must be removed.

The sun's rays also damage the railing, making her look old. This is a natural effect that occurs in all things made of wood and exposed to the sun.. to avoid it, you can apply a special varnish with sun protection.

There are many cleaning products that can harm the condition of the interior stair railing. Among them is the metallic sponge, which can cause serious scratches if used indiscriminately. Abrasive powders and silver or copper cleaners can also damage the balustrade finish. Likewise, other products to avoid are sandpaper, hydrochloric acid and chlorine in general to keep handrails in good condition.

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