Las metallic structures can have multiple applications and uses, since they provide stability, resistance and safety. In today's article we tell you some things about this type of structure, so that you know everything they can offer.

What characteristics do metal structures have to present??

There are certain characteristics that must present:

  • Stability; It is important that they are stable so that this type of structure does not tip over.
  • Endurance; Unlike structures like wood, las metallic structures they have to be able to withstand the force that is applied without breaking or deforming
  • Rigidity; Structures do not have to deform when forces are applied to it., because this could create a problem in the build.

estructuras metalicas 2

Did you know that metal structures can be primary or secondary?

Inside metal constructions, can be identified metallic structures main and secondary.

The main metallic structure, refers to all the elements that provide stability and transfer the loads to the foundations, which is usually made of reinforced concrete. They can be the pillars, joists, lintels…

The secondary metallic structure, for his part, refers to the facade and roof. It is placed on the main structure and can be made of concrete or metal.

It is important to have a company specialized in the construction of metallic structures, that takes care of making a professional assembly so that there is a good assembly of all the elements of the metallic construction. At all times, the best joint type to be used for a particular connection must be chosen. The main types of union used in the construction of metallic structures They are the weld joint and the screw joint..

  • Joining by welding; For steel structures and is done by a heat process
  • screw connection; For light steel structures and it is a faster process

Where are the metal structures installed??

Las metallic structures can be installed in many places, as well as for the construction of warehouses and industrial premises, for houses, rooftops, porches, sheet metal roofs, garages, roofs... They are structures that serve as the basis for a subsequent enclosure, among other things.

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