Railing for your iron staircase, the safest foothold

If you are looking for a solution to improve the security in your home, One of the first things we recommend is to install a railing on your iron staircase, to ensure maximum resistance and safety, both going up and going down.

They are very durable and resistant elements, so they don't break easily and have the ductile and malleable nature of wrought iron. Even with the simplest designs, a sophisticated look can be achieved on your staircase.

Another of the qualities that the iron stair railing, is the resistance, both shock and vibration. Durability and elegance are also part of the advantages of the iron stair railing.

Maintenance is very simple and practically does not accumulate moisture. There are many different models and designs on the market., from very classic styles to avant-garde options.

If you want to install a railing for an iron staircase exterior, It is important to choose very well the forging materials, to achieve a good finish and to better resist the passage of time.

The iron railings are a security element and also decorative, cumpliendo un objetivo funcional e integrándose perfectamente con el resto de elementos decorativos que la rodean.

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Railing for porches on outdoor stairs, wrought iron railings for exterior

At Metal Barceló we manufacture your iron stair railing and stainless steel railings, modular, as well as accessories for railings, perfiles en acero de alta calidad y todo tipo de estructuras metálicas.

We have a long and experienced trajectory making all kinds of metal structures, being experts in aluminum, iron and stainless steel, as well as motorizations and modular buildings.

We can take care of manufacturing all kinds of enclosures in attics, covers and we can even manufacture enclosures with a mobile cover, either manual or motorized and fixed. At Metal Barcelona we adapt to your needs and offer you top quality products such as the railing for your iron staircase.

Having a railing on your iron staircase is having a protection system that will prevent domestic accidents, trips and falls, in addition to providing a firm and resistant point of support, for both going up and going down.

Why trust us to install a railing for iron stairs?

We manufacture our products with the highest precision and with a highly qualified team, paying special attention to detail, offering you the best quality in each of our jobs. In Metal Barcelo, we are design specialists, manufacture and assembly of all types of metal structures. Get in touch with us through our website.

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