Our company has years of experience in the design, manufacture and assembly of any kind of metal structures. We can also make any kind of an enclosure and perform all types of railings.


Stainless / Railings

We handle of making stainless steel handrails, modular, accessories for handrails and profiles in stainless steel of high quality and durability.

Locksmith / Enclosures

We handle of building enclosures are covered, attics, we can make enclosures with mobile cover either this manual or motorized and fixed as well.

Metallic structures

We take care of the management of the projects in an integral way, from the design to the construction of industrial, commercial and recreational buildings.

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Metal Barceló

We have years of experience performing all kinds of works of metal structures, experts in aluminium, iron, stainless steel, motorization and modular buildings.

Our team of professionals have great experience in coordination work, commitment and detail, being the ideal professional partner for the developer and the builder as well, for a particular client.